Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bite me

10 times on the face. Grandma feels bad because the mosquito feast happened at her house. It's nothing a little Caladryl, cortaid, and tylenol can't fix. I'm glad we live in town and those buggers aren't invading our backyard. Aunt Kim took this picture while she was up this weekend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

South Haven

Picture #1 - Trying to get a picture of Jake and myself. I'm usually not in the pics. You can see how well it went.

Picture #2 - I don't like this sand between my fingers.

Picture #3 - I love this hat.

Free Gas

After golfing 9 holes on Saturday afternoon with Tim and Stacey we went to Crazy Horse. After dinner our waitress came with a basket filled with envelopes. If you spend $25 you get to pick one. Scott drew an envelope that said we got to pick a gas can off the ceiling! Although we didn't win the grand $250 prize we did get $25. We'll take it! We got to keep the gas can too (bonus). The contest is still going and tons of prizes are still left. I love this local restaurant. They are super generous and have been so willing to give back to the community on several occasions. Thank you Crazy Horse for making the pain at the pump a little less painful.