Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dear Jake,

I stayed home with you today because you woke up with one of your eyes almost glued shut with "yuck." After getting it opened, it was very pink. I was all ready for the day and even running a touch ahead of schedule. You changed my plans, and I wasn't too disappointed that I had to miss our staff meeting - it was bound to be a long one today. I took you to the Doctor...and guess what, 2 ear infections! You've had 3 antibiotics since February for those darn ears.

While we were at the Doctor's office she made it very clear that you needed to get rid of paci! So...what better afternoon to spend at home with just Mommy and cry through our nap without paci together. But, you did it! I promised you a lot of things in the process; ice cream (with sprinkles), a movie, disney world, etc. You were almost sleeping and wanted to know if Abbi and Zoe could come too.

You did pretty good tonight without paci, your brother was the one that gave us more of a headache. He probably has ear infections too.

Even though you went to bed without your paci, you didn't go without Mommy laying with you. We are probably starting a new habit in the process of breaking an old one.

I love you buddy,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Home

Dear Jake and Caleb,

You are upstairs sleeping right now in your new house on Lake Forest. I am exhausted, but I think it's going to be worth the back breaking move - you both are going to love it here. I'm pretty sure your big dog Jackson is already acclimated. He has already introduced himself to all the neighbors and their mailboxes. Speaking of neighbors, most of them have already stopped by and introduced themselves. I'm especially appreciative of the VanAppledorns at this very moment, they brought chocolate chip cookies.

Daddy just left because he is working on his Master's degree online through an intense one and a half year program. He has a mid-term exam to complete tonight. He was a little late because you (Jake) wanted to rock just "a couple more minutes" (that's your latest saying). If you hadn't gone to bed at 10:15 last night, he probably would've rocked you longer. You are very tired tonight.

I'm proud of both of you boys, sounds like you were good for Tori today. You even took naps for her!

You guys are surrounded by lots of family and friends that love you. Mommy and Daddy are thankful for them too, especially during the move. Maybe we can have a big "thank-you" party for them once we get settled, you (Jake) can show them all the sharks in the basement - "the big one is coming!"


P.S. There was a woman on the Today Show that wrote letters to her daughters in the form of a journal. It inspired me to maybe blog some letters to you....things that you won't remember, but someday you might read. I want you both to understand how much love I have for you.