Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Jake!

Yup, 4.  What?  Everyone always says, time flys.  But, seriously, it really does feel like just yesterday I was insisting that the epidural was not working. 

I don't have girls to compare boys to, but I really love having boys.  Especially as they are getting older.  First baseball games, golf clubs, and last night we stayed up in bed playing Beyblades.  What?  You don't know what beyblades are?  I didn't either.  But, they sure are fun...pretty positive we all love playing.  They are like these spinning tops that you zip out into a plastic dome/stadium.  They are "fighting", and the last one standing wins.  Of course, you can play tournaments also.  We've already been to the store so we could purchase another blade with Nana's birthday money.

Not to mention...a new bike, beach toys, pajamas, doctor dress-up clothes, diggers, and a dragon!  Um, yes...spoiled. 

Busted, picking out all the m&m's.

Why is it that the girls were smiling perfectly in every picture?

Pretty sure all your wishes came true.

Grandma worked hard on this cake.

Yes, we do have a different kiddie pool.
I love you buddy.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jake's 1st Tiger's Game

Sitting inside the Tiger's arm

About to enter

Our awesome seats.

$15 foam claw, that only a Grandma would buy.

No, the guy in the back is not with us.  He looks familiar though.

Finally riding an animal, instead of the bench.  I put my foot down. 

Justin doing his thing.

Jake took this guy's picture...I thought it was funny.  He thought Jake was funny.

Looks like Justin DID his thing.  14 strikeouts!

Fireworks!  Lasted about 10 minutes too long for an almost 4 year old.
Last Saturday night we took Jake to his first Tiger's game.  The only thing that would have made it totally perfect is if Daddy would've been able to come!  He had golfing commitments that weekend and we only had 4 tickets anyway.  I highly recommend the Tiger's Den for anyone with small children.  Lots of room and a table to unload your junk stuff.  Special shout out to my Dad's friend at work, who gave him these spectacular seats.  And memories!

Another highlight....The Hyatt Hotel, specifically the 6 glass elevators.  Jake was enthralled.  Not sure if he liked the game or the hotel better.  Grandpa took him on several rides.  Special thanks to Memaw for watching Caleb!