Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EEG today

Jake was a trooper this afternoon during his EEG. They instructed us to sleep deprive him (no afternoon nap). He watched baby einstein on his portable dvd player (2 gifts that keep on giving) while they attached 25 little wires to his head and 2 on his ears. Shockingly he didn't seem phased and then by another miracle he went to sleep so they could run the test. I would've never dreamed that we could orchestrate this.

The bummer is that he is such a sweater! A couple of the wires kept coming off his wet head. The technician hopes that she got enough information that the doctor can study.

Thanks for all the continued prayers and encouragement!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Past 48 hours

These past few days have been a roller coaster. Jake has been doing random things with his eyes that seem involuntary. For example, he could be sitting in his chair and all of a sudden his eyes look way up and to the right. This started this past weekend but in the past couple of days it seems to be getting worse. He would be sitting in his car seat and suddenly his eyes would toss back and cross. As soon as we would say "Jake!", he would snap out of it and refocus.

So today we spent the afternoon in the Hospital getting a CT scan of his head. This 3 minute procedure was not a problem. On the contrary, getting an IV in took 2 hours, 3 nurses, and 2 anesthesiologists! By this time the first sedative had worn off and we were off to number two. By this point we have an 18 month old who hasn't eaten all day, drank, slept, and had been poked for 2 hours. This equals disaster! Another hour and half later he finally caved and went to sleep for his CT scan.

All this to say our awesome Doctor called on our way home (from her home) to tell us that the CT scan looked very good. This excellent news means more tests next week. Probably an EEG. I'm looking forward no needles for this round.

Finally, the past 48 hours have brought lots tears and concern. Everything gets put into perspective when your child is not well. I find myself being extra patient, saying more prayers, calling on God, appreciating good friends, and loving my family. During times like these I always think of those dear people who deal with stuff like this on a regular basis. It reminds me to pray for them and encourage them as much as possible!