Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poop Talk

Dear Jake,

You are infatuated with looking at your poop while you are going. You will very much dislike that I am blogging about this, someday. But, I have to get on the record all the funny things you say while on the toilet. Usually you just comment on the assorted shapes of your poop(ice cream cones, sharks, etc.). Lately, you've been commenting on how much they splash. Tonight made me laugh a lot though. You asked "Mommy, why are some divers and some floaters?" My response..."I have no idea."

Love you buddy,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Packing up all the STUFF for a one and three year-old and heading up to a small cabin is not something I always look forward to. I know, a lot of people would love this opportunity. So, I try and put my personal selfishness and laziness aside and go for it! And I am almost always glad we did. This weekend was no different. Jake LOVES going up to the cabin. He especially enjoyed taking daily trips out to Grandpa's tree stand on the golf cart, and I bet Grandpa never thought he'd be building sandcastles in the woods with dirt, sticks, and moss next to his tree stand. They (Grandpa and Jake) also decided to make shadow monsters outside on the deck, the one night the sun happened to be shining. We also roasted marshmallows that night. Jake insisted on doing it all by himself.

I can only hope to pass along to our boys the wonderful memories as my parents did for us, and it makes me appreciate them all the more.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb

Before it's super far beyond the fact, we celebrated Caleb's first birthday (twice actually) last week. I decided to go easy on the budget and make the cakes for both parties, and yes, out of a box! I actually like box cakes, maybe I just like cake in general. Pair it with good ice cream and we're good to go. Party #1; the home-made frosting didn't turn out as it should've so I had to mix it with store bought, oh well. Party #2; I went with a different frosting recipe, and the cake went in the trash an hour before the guests arrived! So, I resorted to my emergency Costco size brownie box for a quick back-up. I vowed I would never make frosting again, but I probably will.

Caleb had his one year Doctor's appointment on Friday. He is measuring 30 inches (59%), 24 lbs, 8 oz. (74%), and head size is off the charts in the 99th percentile! Doctor's comments, "well, since he's developmentally not behind, we won't do a head scan!" I guess it runs in the family, have you seen Jake? And P.S., I'm not concerned. We just say that it's packed with brains.

It's hard to believe one year ago were will still waiting to bring him home from the hospital. I had good intentions of making a video of the first year, I started weeks ago, but of course never finished. But, the baby book is almost done!

Happy Birthday Caleb, we love you!