Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day at The Goat

The last time Caleb will wear the "infant" jacket.  Bah-bye.

My favorite face.

My favorite scary bear face.

Caleb says it all.

Finally, a fish for the bucket!

Important meeting at the front of the boat.

Something about the rocking and the sound of the motor. Zzzzzz.....

Only Jake would get away with re-organizing Grandpa's tackle box.

Prefers to play with the wax worms over fishing!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cricut Expression

O.K., this is one of the many reasons I really wanted a Cricut Expression.  So, when I was throwing together a gift, I could just quickly do something like this...
(White tissue paper, twine, flower embellishment, and some 3M adhesive spray)

Viola, no gift bag from me!  You should see what's inside...I can't tell, it's a gift.  OK fine, it's a recycled salad dressing jar filled with blue and pink gummy worms.  The jar is decorated with cute, fun pink and blue stickers made from my new machine, using 3M colored contact paper.  I spray painted the lid silver and wrapped it with twine.  I should've taken a picture!  Live and learn.  I might need to buy stock in 3M.  Or maybe they should consider paying me to endorse their great products. 

Thank you Mom, for my birthday present!  I love it (and you).