Sunday, August 16, 2009


Unfortunately I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy. I'm not much of a journal person. I wish that I was. As with Jake, I wish that I would've taken more pictures, wrote down pregnancy milestones, etc. Here I am in the home stretch and once again I am already looking back and regretting the lack of updates.

Up until a couple weeks ago, I really haven't done much nesting. Then it was like all the lack of had caught up to me. At 35 weeks pregnant, I convinced Scott to purge the house with me and have a garage sale. My anti-garage sale husband agreed. He even allowed me to throw our (his) family room recliner in the drive-way. I was pleasantly surprised by our efforts and the money we "made."

Then my hormones kicked into super high gear. I was convinced that we could simply take our garage sale earnings and invest in something to replace said recliner. Nope. I first needed a new cable jack on the opposite wall so I could keep my options open for furniture layout. So, my sweet husband called our friend to come install the new jack. They even moved the couch for me. Of course, I didn't like it. I wanted to paint the kitchen, install new floors, replace pictures, and paint the entertainment center....aaahhhh, let's just sell this house!

Yes, I might possibly be crazy. Or just 37 weeks pregnant. We settled on taking the old furniture from downstairs (sofa and loveseat) upstairs, buying slipcovers and throw pillows from Target...and calling it an afternoon. Oh wait, I did re-frame our kitchen pics too. O.K., Scott did that too, I just bought the supplies.

At the end of the day today. I'm satisfied. The slip-covers make me feel a little college-ish but we have more seating, different color palette, and a change in scenery.

Let's see what tomorrow brings or see what switch flips when I go back downstairs and see the disarray. I might have to pop some meds.

Fasten your seat-belts!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YFC Chicken BBQ

Community Chicken BBQ

Where: Downtown Zeeland
When: This Friday, August 7
Time: 5-7 p.m.
Cost: $8.50 includes 1/2 chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, watermelon, roll, beverage, and chocolate chip cookie.

This annual event is in conjunction with the 3-on-3 basketball tournament hosted by The Bridge Ministry.

Kate and I have worked really hard planning this event. Proceeds help our West Ottawa and Zeeland Middle school ministries.

I'm not gonna lie, this is some good eats. I would come even if I wasn't one of the coordinators! If you want tickets, leave me a comment and I'll set some aside for you. I might even give my blog readers an extra cookie. Don't tell.