Thursday, October 30, 2008


For those of you who know me, I don't handle gross things very well. You name it and I get queasy- needles, smells, stories of needles or smells, etc.

As of before last night, we have been fortunate enough to not have had a stomach flu stricken child. That ended at midnight last night. Jake woke up crying covered in puke. Scott flipped all the lights on and called for help. It was in poor Jake's hair, ears, pajamas, and crib. I'm almost getting sick writing this. Gagging all the while, I filled the tub. Scott got the laundry started and we got out the spare sheets. Of course he gets a dirty diaper immediately after his bath and clean pajamas. After being up awhile he seems to be doing better. I take him in his room and he immediately gets sick again. All over me this time. How did all that come out of a little boy? Repeat cleaning process. More laundry added to what's already going. Next attempt at laying him down seems to be going better. 10 minutes later, more crying and more puke in crib. Repeat cleaning process. More laundry. 2 a.m. Scott goes to Meijer for pedialyte. 3 a.m. Jake finally goes to sleep until morning (oh wait, it was the morning).

I knew something was not right yesterday when he didn't squeal when seeing his breakfast. His appetite was gone for the day which is not like him. This morning he was back to his self when he saw his toast w/peanut butter - screaming with delight. It makes me smile every morning.

I's all part of having kids and it comes along with the unbelievable blessing of being a parent. In my head I can hear the veterans saying....ah, I've been there! I'm not looking for sympathy. I can just now add it to my list of ah, I've been there. And I don't care to be there again anytime soon!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Need I say more?


Despite the on off rain and high winds, we found some open windows of sunshine to get outside! I know that this weather is a precursor of what's to come and we wanted to get outside while we could. Apparently we weren't the only ones who wanted to be outside. Mt. Pisgah's new boardwalk was filled with people on Sunday afternoon. Of course, what is a good hike without pronto pups to finish it off? I opted out of the corn dog and Jake and I shared a pickle on a stick.

Jake is now walking everywhere and he thinks he's the big man on campus. He now loves to play a little hide and seek. He goes in the other room and we sneak up on him. He screams and throws his hands up in the air and runs into the next room. The process is then repeated and more intensified. He makes us laugh!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mt. Pisgah

On Monday night, we planned on soaking up the last bit of blissful weather and walking the pier at Holland State Park. We detoured and decided to climb the new boardwalk up Mt. Pisgah. The new project was just completed last Saturday and is surely to be a popular spot in Holland. Of course we forgot our camera in the car. We plan to go back in about a week when the colors have peaked. It's also an added workout if you strap Jake in a backpack on! I can't wait to take my Dad out there. He climbs Rosy Mound in Grand Haven with some guys from work every day during the week. His legs are made of steel and he could definitely out climb me on any given day. So Dad...maybe I've found my new found challenge - to beat you! Watch out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Jake got to see his cousins this weekend. He was surrounded by girls! We had such a good time. We spent yesterday at Post Family Farms in Hudsonville. We had a hayride out to the pumpkin patch (stopping at the corn maze on the way - thanks for leading the way Sydnee). Another highlight was the fresh made donuts. YUM!

I love the last picture. These goats stand at the top of this wooden structure waiting for food to be cranked up. Kids can fill the tin cans w/food and turn a handle and watch their food climb it's way up to the awaiting goats. The amazing thing is the small planks that connect the platforms that these goats walk on. I would've paid for the $6 wristband just to see this debut.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bundle Up

Jake and I went for an early morning walk this morning. I always think he looks so old when he wears a hat. As much as I love summer, I really do look forward to putting the hoodies on and snuggling under a blanket.

I'm glad I went for this exercise jaunt this morning. The day brought forth some unplanned emotions. A 7th grade boy from Harbor Lights was killed on the way to school today riding his bike on Riley Street. There were a lot of tears in the school today. Please pray for these students, teachers, and the family of this boy.

Following the lunchrooms, I met with a former middle school student of mine. She is the coolest girl who has had a lot of heartache in life. She told me today that there is not a day that goes by in her life that she doesn't think of her Dad that ran out on their family several years ago. The upside of this conversation was that she loves Jesus and knows that God is her ultimate Dad!

When I have days like these it makes me hold Jake a little closer and be thankful a little more!