Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was tagged by Dave to come up with my top 10 favorite things about February. I guess the purpose is to try and stay positive during the dog days of winter. So here goes (drum roll), in no particular order...

1. Snow days! even though i say that i'm sick of them, i'm really not. i love days that scott gets to stay home and i don't have to pack jake up.

I seriously can't do this. In my head I came up with a few but they're dumb. So, to suffice Dave's tag. Here are 10 things I hate about February. I know, this is too easy.

1. Clouds
2. Dirt in the house
3. Running on the treadmill
4. Jackson's pent-up energy
5. Dry skin
6. Pale skin
7. Driving 40 m.p.h.
8. Dirty cars
9. My clothes.
10. Scott's Grad class.

I tag Kate and Stacey.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peanut Allergy

So bad customer service is a real hot button with me. I think it's because for 7 years I dealt day in and out with people at Craig's Cruisers. I actually liked to make people happy! Even when I felt that the customer was wrong I tried to work it out that they enjoyed their experience at our facility.

Today left a bad "taste" in my mouth when I went to a local downtown store. I had a$10 gift certificate that was a couple years old and decided to finally redeem it. I knew it was kind of old but it didn't have an expiration and knowing the place it was to and the little amount it was - it should be no problem.

We brought our overpriced candy items to the counter and the nice girl said that we couldn't use our certificate. I kind of smiled and said politely, it doesn't say it expires - it's still $10. She said, you're right...I'll have to ask the manager though (who is also the owner). Boss lady was real busy talking with her friends. So, the girl tried to butt in and ask if she could redeem the g.c. Boss lady said very rudly..."absolutely not." I tried to reason with her. She really refused to even look at me and said arrogantly "fine, i'll give you $5." I think nice girl behind the counter was embarrassed. She whispered an "I'm sorry."

I was still mad when I got home. I don't know why this really irritated me. Maybe it was because about year ago I was in this same place asking if they might be willing to donate a prize to an event we were doing. Boss "Man" was there and said "no, we have too many people coming in asking for things." - end of story. He actually made me feel dumb for asking.

This is my venting station today. I love downtown Holland. I'm probably going to get my chocolate fixes at Kilwins from now on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank you

Thank you Stacey for recommending this new site. I love it! I could never do this on iMovie. I want the all access pass. Want want want.

Jake Moments

This very fun new site was recommended from Stacey. Thanks for passing along your good finds! Check it out

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chicago Dogs

My Parents, Scott, Myself, and The new flip video went to Chicago this weekend. Portillo's was the restaurant pick of my Dad. He saw on a TV special that this was the best place to get a dog. So here he is!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Perfect Day

No staff meeting.
I'm recovered from the middle school girls over-nighter (this one took awhile).
The sun was out.
I can see pavement.
Jake took a nap at daycare.
I got a 60 minute massage and spa facial.