Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

We got to spend 3 nights at Great Wolf Lodge this past week.  I'm tired!  It was a ton of fun and even better that Grandma had a conference there, so we got to tag along.  Grandpa surprised us {kind of} on Thursday night.  We had lots of fun breaking Grandpa in on our speed night of the water park.  We'll have memories for a lifetime of the fun we had.  I'm really disappointed that I didn't get a picture of Grandpa and Grandma coming down the water slides.  

Here is some helpful information for visiting with little ones to Great Wolf:  They have plenty of excellent life jackets available, the children can easily split the kid's meal at the Critter Grille, the on-site pizza is excellent and can be delivered to your room, don't force naps, bring a grandparent along so you can escape the madness when the little ones go to bed, and you go faster down the body water slide when you lay down!