Monday, March 8, 2010

Caleb 6 months

Caleb is 6 months already! He weighs 19 pounds and is 27.5 inches long. And his head size...huge! Caleb may look EXACTLY like his big brother, but he certainly has his own personality. This boy DOES NOT SLEEP! He loves to take short naps, if any. He is rolling all over the place and gets himself stuck a lot. Sometimes, I need to pin him down to change his diaper. Not long after he started Daycare, I remember Vickie telling me she thinks he's going to be strong-willed. Um, really? Along with the non-sleeping personality, comes his super fun smiling face. He smiles easily, and LOVES to watch his brother. Jake adores Caleb and loves to get him laughing, which happens frequently. I love my boys. They definitely keep me grounded. They teach me a lot about God's love for us, endless and unconditional. I am blessed!

Caleb also wants to give a shout out to Uncle Travis and (soon-to-be) Auntie Morgane for his Jackson Hole moose outfit. CUTE!