Saturday, March 29, 2008

The weekend haunt

10 miles done. Kate and I have named our long runs on Saturday the Weekend Haunt. It has not been easy. We're so happy when we're done and the black cloud has passed.

Here are some things we saw today during our run (more like a jog) from Kollen Park down Southshore Dr. to the Lighthouse.
  • a dead mouse with no hair on the bikepath.
  • a Smart car. i don't think it would be smart in the winter.
  • the Holland birdwatcher/photography group (twice). who knew?
  • man walking a baby black pig at Kollen Park.
We had to run by the pickle factory twice. We were so ready to be done that when we passed it on our way back it was a sign that the haunt was almost over. Kate said the smell of vinegar never smelled so good. I wanted to laugh but was too exhausted. That's when we saw the black pig cross our path. What is that a sign of?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Kate tagged me. My last tag didn't go so well from Dave. Hopefully this one is easier.

Here goes:

10 years ago:
I was a junior at WMU living at 417 W. Dunton street in the student ghetto with Cathy Cannon and Heather Foran. I was also working at Craig's Cruisers in the summer and on some weekends.

Things on my list to do today:
1. Wait for furnace man to come and give us heat in our house!
2. Put Jake on a new eating regimen consisiting of smaller more frequent meals. He's getting sick every time he eats. Not fun.
3. Welcome my Dad home from Jackson Hole.
4. Enjoy staying at home today.
5. Fold laundry.

If I suddenly become a billionare;
I would quit my job but definitely continue to volunteer in West Ottawa and hire Katie Helder to take my place of coordination. I would make sure that she could come on staff right away.

Next, I would build my parent's a sweet cabin on Hamlin Lake. I would take the existing cabin and somehow pay someone to build onto this place while preserving the memories of The Goat. It would be so cool that we could invite lots of family and friends up anytime and also let people come use it for free (per Dad's oversight) when we're all not there.

I would see my brother more.

I would buy a much bigger house so Scott's family could all come visit and spend the night.

Scott would quit his job teaching and we would live on a golf course.

I would fly Kate out to Colorado whenever she wanted.

Lastly, I would make sure that all the kids who are involved in YFC would have every opportunity to do things that all kids do.

I'm sure there a lot more things but that's what comes to mind!

5 jobs that I have had:
1. Picking blueberries and working on the sorting belt
2. Family Fare Bakery - Clean up duty
3. Wuskowhan Golf Club - waitress (lasted about a day)
4. Craig's Cruisers (7 years!)
5. Youth For Christ

3 Bad Habits:
1. Shopping
2. Eating late at night
3. Driving thru Starbucks.

5 Things you probably don't know about me:
1. I lived in North Carolina Smoky Mountains during a college internship at a KOA campground/resort.
2. I am training for the Fifth Third River bank run 25K.
3. I don't love running.
4. I like watching the O'Reilly Factor.
5. I like to buy Bingo instant scratch-off lotto tickets when I go on road trips over an hour.

I tag Dave, Matt, and Shannan.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christmas in March

Today we got our Christmas gifts from my bro and Morgane. It was so much fun to receive the unexpected. We each got these cool coats from Jackson Hole - they fit perfect! Jake got a onesie that says "duck duck MOOSE" - which is too cute for words. Morgane also makes her own jewelry. I love my new earrings. I love it even more that everything had homemade tags on it - so personal and thoughtful. I think I enjoyed getting the gifts now way more than I would've at Christmas. I love surprises.


I'm convinced that Jake is going to be a swimmer (when he's not golfing). He is always kicking and can't get enough of the tub. He takes it very seriously too. He clinches his fists and gets a stern look on his face as he kicks like crazy causing quite the splash zone in the tub. When he's finished he looks up at us for approval. Job well done Jake! I think you managed to get everything wet.

This picture is after the tub olympics.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Middle School Prayers

10 girls came to the after-school Bible study on Thursday. One of the things we did was talk about praying and the power of prayer. God tells us to "give all our worries and cares to him, he cares about what happens to us." - 1 peter 5:17

Based on this verse, here are the requests of these middle school girls (written word for word, spelling and all).

  • That I won't back out this next week THURSDAY to tell him good-bye.
  • Please pray for my grandma with her cancer and that she dosn't get wrose but better. And that my whole family and friend stay safe.
  • Deal with my period. And Mom - stop smoking & doing bad stuff.
  • My mom to stop smoking Old mom to stop running away from cops.
  • Please pray for my friend who is having a ruff time. Thank you!
  • I pray for my friend and his mom who just got married on the 5th of March.
  • My dad
  • I want to pray for my grandma because she is lonely because my grandpa just died.
I don't know about you but I don't remember middle school being this hard.