Tuesday, April 22, 2008

team YFC

There's still time to sign up with our running group for the Riverbank Run. You can participate in the 5K, 10K, or 25K. We just ask that you raise pledges for YFC! You'll also recieve this cool t-shirt (designed by Jeff Dykema - one talented guy), family dinner the night before at the park by City on a Hill, transportation to Grand Rapids on race day, and the chance to win an iPod Nano (for the highest pledge raiser). It's going to be so much fun!

If you can't run, you can still help by pledging me! Let me know if you need more information.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Full Weekend

On Friday morning we spontaneously decided to pack up Jake and Jackson and head Up North. Knowing the weather forecast was looking grimm we knew it didn't matter anymore. We wanted to just get out of town! So to the Cabin we headed.

The weather was surprising. Sunny the whole way up to Ludington. The driveway is 1.5 miles in from the dirt road full of steep hills, National Forest, and potential for washout. Upon decending our first hill Scott put the brakes on and we spotted our first problem. A down tree. It looked like we could easily move it out of the way. Not true. It was not dead and it was wedged between two other trees. So we backed the truck up the hill and parked it. Our last minute decision to pack Jake's backpack carrier couldn't have been more of a life-saver. With a dog, a 9 month old, groceries, everything but the kitchen sink, and the weather outlook - the backpack originally wasn't on the packing list.

As the rain clouds were rolling in we had to think really fast as to what to take out of the car. We loaded up and started to head in. As the sun was still shining the rain also came down. It was actually kind of cool. Jake was very excited as he shrieked with excitement the whole time. Jackson loved the rain, sprinted up and down the road, and dove into every water source that existed. I must say that we double timed it when we heard the thunder.

About two thirds the way in we found another nemesis. The second tree across the road. This one required more than a handsaw from the shed. This warranted a phone call to my Dad saying that we NEED him and his chainsaw.

We made it! Scott waited for a break in the weather and took the handsaw out to tree #1 and got the car through to tree #2 and waited for my Mom and Dad.

More weekend tidbits...
  • we found a tree almost completely taken down by woodpeckers (those peckers)
  • Sears has moved inside Kmart in Manistee (hmmm.)
  • my Mom and I went shopping to Kmart on Saturday because we needed to get out
  • she bought a gas stove from Sears (or Kmart?) to replace the existing one at the Cabin
  • we made homemade longjohns over the fire - tradition!
  • saw bald eagles around the cabin
Now...we're home and I'm relaxing after forcing myself to get out for my weekend haunt - 11.5 miles this afternoon.

Despite the down trees and cold weather, I loved all the surprises. Priceless.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Tigers finally have a win! Scott and I got a babysitter last night and decided to find a restaurant we've never been to. We ended up in Grand Rapids at a place called HopCat. It's very cool. Anyway, we watched the game there and they now have a win on the books.

Here are some pictures of the game we went to last friday. Jake didn't get to go to the game but he got a new Tiger's hat out of the deal.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Used T.V.

This morning I had breakfast with a former YFC kid (who I met 7 years ago in middle school). I had an old television that I was giving to her. I even went to Walgreen's before we met to buy new AAA batteries for the remote. She was so excited to have a t.v. that she could actually plug a dvd player into. Anyway, on the way to the restaurant I apparently took the corner too sharply and my delivery item fell over in the back! CRASH! Are you even kidding me? Anyway, she just called and after trekking this boat anchor up to her apartment...it doesn't work. My casual gift is making me feel really bad.

I'm posting this plea...if anyone has an old unwanted television in their house and wants to make a girl's day - let me know! I'll even pick-up (within reason).