Friday, May 30, 2008


While I don't have any video or pictures to prove Jake is officially crawling - but he is! In the last week he has moved from being able to scoot and roll everywhere to getting up on all 4 and conquering the house. It's off to the store tonight to buy a baby gate. You might be asking why we don't have one yet. Our stairway is exceptionally wide and all those nice looking pressure mount wood gates are all too narrow. I've googled, asked around, and googled some more to only find the eye sore ones in extra wide. But an eye sore is the price we'll pay for a child not falling down the stairs. I can't believe how quick he is. As much as I looked forward to him crawling, getting ready in the morning is a daunting task. Any suggestions out there?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I know a lot of us meet people that are in tough situations. Sometimes certain individuals affect us more than others. Today was one of those days where. Twice I wanted to kidnap a young person out of their situation and just fix it. I wanted to bring them into my own home and provide a safe place. A place where normal conversations happen and conflict is dealt with rationally. A home where Christ is the center and love from an adult is unconditional. Daily I feel more than ever I'm overwhelmed with student's parents who can't provide a stable environment for their child. I'm tired of it. It's draining.

Today was a first for something though. Just when I thought I'd seen and heard it all I experienced somthing new. A girl whom I have been building a relationship with in the school lunchroom finally has begun coming to our after-school drop-in. She's a tomboy and a touch aggressive for a 6th grade girl. She's sweet nonetheless. Today she decided to steal a skateboard on her way out the door from the coat area. After a number of tip-offs I got to the bottom of it and got a young man's skateboard back (which had already made it to the other side of town). Here's where the first comes in. Her mom calls me and demands a conference call with me, the girl, Mom, and Dad. What?? After the girl crying hysterically, mom screaming, and dad (who's at work) trying to get a slurred word in, I finally wrapped it up. It ended with the girl apologizing, mom slamming the phone down, dad giving the dad speech, and me giving the you've got such a bright future ahead of you/you can't steal speech.

Typically I add these all too common unstable family moments to the list of "What in the ?". Today, was one of those days where I can't get Mom's communication tactics out of my head. It's not fair.

After coming home the last thing that I felt like doing was cooking dinner. So off to The Curragh we went. Part deux - our waitress was a former student from youth group. I hadn't seen her in years. 3 to be exact. She since has had a baby that she gave up for adoption (mature decision), recently divorced, denounced her mom, and been homeless. Did I mention that she's 19? Lastly, guess where she's currently residing? 3 doors down from my house.

Um God...what is my role in these situations?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


At mile 10 I vowed that I would never do this again. The 25K Riverbank run that is. I could feel every muscle in my body screaming. My foot was in severe pain and is still killing me this morning. But, I finished! This 3rd time participating in this run was the hardest for me. Maybe because of the extra pounds I'm still holding on to from Jake. I'd be happy to let them go though. They just don't want to leave me.

I decided that my favorite part of the Riverbank is the bonding. My faithful training partner Kate and I crossed the finish line together. We bonded as a group pre and post race. Matt, Duane, Sarah, Jodi, Kate, and I all rode together in the YFC van and exchanged many stories that only couldcome from race day - other people's bloody nipples, peeing in the woods, encouraging people, chaffing....the list goes on. My favorite happened to be that there was no more toilet paper in the portables. you know what happens to people after they run for long distances? Enough said about that.

With all of that said, it's an experience that is unforgettable and I'm pleased that I accomplished my goal - to finish! See you later Saturday haunts.

Thank you to all of you who pledged me money for Youth for Christ! I will publish totals later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are you kidding?

This is what my doctor came back with after checking out my foot. Um...are you kidding me? One week before the riverbank run and my left foot is in severe pain. From the ball to the heel it feels like someone took a hammer to it. I have not come this far to not run. So I guess we'll have to make room in our queen size bed for thine boot. Plantar Fasciitis is the official diagnosis. Does this warrant any extra sympathy pledges for YFC?

Thursday, May 1, 2008