Monday, August 16, 2010


We are very excited to have an addition to our family, Mrs. Morgane Van Voorst! We had the most fabulous time spending a week out West to share in the excitement of my brother's wedding. The house we stayed in was more than what we could've asked for, with one whole side of the house facing the Teton Mountains.

Our sleep deprived Jake had the most fun seeing the buffalo (that move, not the statue we tried to appease him with), riding Trav and Morgane's horses, climbing the mountains, and riding in the airplane. My Jake highlight was watching him bust out his breakdancing moves during the wedding reception, now I KNOW he learned this at daycare.

We missed Caleb, but he was in excellent hands with Aunt Kate and Memaw. It was tough leaving this guy behind, but it was for the better as we got to be a little more flexible during our trip.

I look forward to a lifetime of trips with our entire family out to Jackson, and seeing our little outdoorsmen flourish.