Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are warriors.

Last weekend, we spent the weekend DASHING!  Yes, we survived a 5K that included 12 obstacles (crawling over cars, climbing 18 foot walls, jumping over fire, you know, etc.) - the Warrior Dash.  Almost 25,000 people participated in this crazy event, 500 people being released every 30 minutes.  Our team (myself, Scott, and Matt) raced to finish together and have a good time...and, we did!  Tori was our dashing photographer.  We are already putting together a team (already 4 couples officially signed up from our Life Group) for 2012.  
My dashing husband.

It says "flip over", if you can't read upside down.

Scott refused to wear his gray YFC shirt.


Picture frame!

"Are they on straight?"  Yes, Matt, they're fine!

  I look calmer than I feel.

It wasn't quite hot enough out. 

I think we're all on top!

At some point, I looked up and saw a very large man in front of me...please, keep crawling.

Can't wait to be done.

We survived!

Apparently they were donating these?  Um, to who?

Mmmmm...until the unidentified turkey parts appeared.

Turkey Leg eating a turkey leg.